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Offshore company formation

Offshore company formation The E-COMMERCE BROKER Company will help you. We guarantee each client an individual approach and service at a high professional level. We specialize in registration / sale of ready-made offshore companies, we connect a reliable internet payment system.  

Payment system participants

The payment system is a set of existing working relations, modern technological solutions. All this is done for the purpose of making settlements and payments in electronic form. The payment system participants are: 

  • the owner of the bank card;
  • settlement bank (issuer, acquirer);
  • communication point and processing;
  • maintenance services.

Offshore Organization Registration Process

In the course of a conversation with an expert of "E-COMMERCE BROKER", you must first of all voice the tasks set, relying on the fact that an offshore company is needed. Based on the stated requirements, we offer our clients safe and working partnership schemes.

After all the details of the upcoming work front have been determined, the registration process begins, which can be performed remotely. That is, you stay in the country of your location, we register or sell an offshore company and then send the finished documents to you through one of the proven express delivery services. Interested in Offshore on Virgin islands or in Hong Kong, please contact us, we will be glad to mutually beneficial partnership. 

The procedure for registering an offshore company provides for the implementation of the following points

  1. Receiving an application.
  2. Competent and detailed advice in the office of our company, which is located in Riga, or an online conversation.
  3. Choice of jurisdiction and determination of additional set of required services.
  4. Preparation of the necessary documents, which for most jurisdictions will need to be translated into English:
  5. copies of passports of directors, beneficiaries;
  6. proof of residential address, such a form can be a utility bill.
  7. Payment for the service of opening an offshore company.
  8. After confirming the registration of the company, ready-made documents are handed out. 
  9. Opening an account with a banking institution. We offer to open a current account in the offshore country where the company is registered or open an account in the payment system. Then you can proceed to the legal conduct of commercial activities. 

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