License for Forex company

If you are deciding on the jurisdiction, where is the best place to get European Forex license, then we suggest that you seek competent help from the experts of the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company. 

Practical recommendations for organizations wishing to obtain a Forex license in the European jurisdiction

  1. The authorized capital in most European countries is the same (Estonia/Bulgaria/Latvia and so on).
  2. The possibility of significant savings on some expense items: rent of office space, tax payments, wages.

Procedure obtaining a brokerage license in the EU completed on average in 2-7 months, it all depends on the chosen jurisdiction and current requirements. For obtaining a license for the foreign exchange market you will need:

  • register an offshore company;
  • collect the required package of documentation to the government agency that deals with licensing;
  • prompt submission of documents, upon additional request.

As a rule, applicants are required to have a transparent business reputation, the absence of negative information in the conduct of the company’s activities (bankruptcy, criminal record, etc.), the management of the organization must fully comply with certain experience in foreign exchange market.

Take advantage of the services of our company’s experts who know all the subtleties EU legislation. We will be happy to help you establish successful management forex activities. We will make an objective decision together with you, after careful monitoring, comparison and analysis.

Our specialists have a deep knowledge of business processes that are associated with the activities of the foreign exchange market. That is why we work for results, providing valuable information.

Call or write, we will do it obtaining a license for forex with maximum and appropriate reduction of financial costs.

additional information

In all European jurisdictions similar size requirements apply authorized capital of forex companies. Brokerage organizations have the legal right to conduct fruitful work with partners of the chosen jurisdiction, as well as from other countries of the European Union. The only second option is available only after authorization in a certain state inspection, which monitors and regulates this area.

By contacting the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company, in return you receive an individual approach, provision of service at a high professional level, competent advice regarding obtaining a forex license. We will warn you against common mistakes that many brokerage companies make.


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