Obtaining a financial license in Australia (ASIC)

Financial license will be needed by all those who are planning open a business in Australia, relating to the provision of financial services or products. This authorization document is issued by the Australian regulator Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).

Australia is the jurisdiction that provides businesses with a fairly favorable environment for development and work. One of the most promising and demanded directions in the state is financial services industry.

To carry out financial activities in a jurisdiction, any organization must obtain an appropriate license. This permitting document allows:

  • accept and conduct payment transactions;
  • exchange currency;
  • provide financial advice;
  • investing;
  • work with cryptocurrency.

The E-COMMERCE BROKER company will help obtain a financial license for Your his Business in a short time. We have gained sufficient experience in order to provide services of this kind in accordance with the current norms and requirements of the competent authorities of the jurisdiction.

How do I get an Australia financial license?

To obtain an Australian Financial Business License, you will need to go through several mandatory steps:

  1. Company registration in Australia.

The founders can be both residents and non-residents of the jurisdiction. This procedure in the tax authority takes a maximum of a couple of days. At the same time, an important condition of the country's legislation is the provision of at least one director's place in the firm to a person who is a resident of Australia.

Another requirement is the entry into the staff of the firm of an Australian Public Officer, who must have an accounting education and be a citizen of the country.

To register, you will need to prepare a package of papers, which should include ASIC form FS01 - a document that indicates the current information about who the person applying for the application is, what business direction will be opened, what services and products will be provided as part of the business, and so on Further.

  1. Opening an account with an Australian banking institution.
  2. Drawing up a simple business plan, which describes the goals and prospects for the development of the commercial direction, the expected level of income, ways of obtaining it, etc.
  3. Confirmation of the availability of the required amount of money sufficient to open a business.

To obtain a license, it is not necessary to have an office in the jurisdiction. The main condition is the registration of a legal address on the territory of the country.

Professional assistance from the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company

Obtaining a financial license in Australia is a time consuming process. If you want to receive a document quickly, then it is advisable to entrust this business to the professionals of "E-COMMERCE BROKER". 

We will advise you on all available financial and organizational issues, prepare all the necessary documents, and obtain a license remotely.

Remote licensing services are very convenient and relevant in the modern world. In addition to the registration itself, we will select the Australian bank that is most suitable for your business and open a current account in it.

The process of obtaining a license with a team of professionals "E-COMMERCE BROKER" will not take much time, and the result will be 100% positive. The prices for the services provided by our company are optimal and correspond to the declared quality.


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