Accepting payments for SAAS platforms

The Internet is a convenient and effective tool for business, which greatly expands work opportunities, allowing you to collaborate with clients from around the world, make purchases and payments using various payment systems, bank cards and other advantages.

If you are a modern, purposeful entrepreneur looking for effective financial and payment solutions for the commercial area that you are developing, then the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company is ready to offer you comprehensive business solutions in the IT sector.

Convenient, secure, technologically advanced software guarantees businesses a quick solution to various problems in the field of accepting payments for goods or services on the global network.

E-COMMERCE BROKER specialists have developed a unique SAAS platform that allows process online payments. Rent IT-software for the payment system is one of the services of our company, thanks to which you receive an effective, modern tool for secure payment transactions, while saving time and money on developing and purchasing your own software.

We have taken care of everything for you, as we are interested in your business developing successfully.

What are the features of the SAAS platform from E-COMMERCE BROKER?

SAAS-platform for business or “Software as Service”, which translated into Russian means “software as a service”, is a tool that meets all modern trends and expands any business to a global scale.

When talking about SAAS software from the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company, we mean software that is developed by us, installed on our service, but at the same time owned by you as a tenant. You simply get the right to access the entire platform package by paying for the rental of the software package.

SAAS-platform for accepting payments and transaction processing - this is a completely ready-made product that we customize to suit the needs of your commercial area.

Advantages of a SAAS platform for business:

  • saving money on purchasing your own software;
  • no need to buy and maintain a server for the software to work;
  • the ability to brand the platform and design it in accordance with your wishes;
  • high level of security required for working with bank cards and payment transactions;
  • technical support from qualified specialists 24/7.

Why choose E-COMMERCE BROKER Company?

Our company takes a comprehensive approach to working with each client, offering a SAAS processing platform for accepting payments. By signing a software rental agreement with us, you receive:

  • completely ready digital product, adapted to work on any electronic device;
  • the entire range of system settings, tailored to the client’s requests and the specifics of the business area;
  • a ready-made documentation package with the necessary security certificates and recommendations for working with the SAAS platform;
  • secure access to the system.

We guarantee complete confidentiality of all data that you provide to us to set up the system. Our rates for renting IT software are affordable and do not include unjustified markups. Our team cares about its reputation, therefore it offers only high-quality, modern, effective products that allow your business to develop successfully.


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