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Buying and selling real estate in Europe

Buying and selling real estate in Europe comes with a number of issues and risks. Self-carrying out the procedure can result in unpleasant consequences, loss of money and even property. For this reason, it is necessary to find a worthy partner who will select, check and help you buy property in European countries.

Our company selects, checks and helps to purchase residential and non-residential objects at an affordable cost. You do not have to pay for unqualified services of dubious quality, hidden commissions.

We also help to isolate ourselves from tedious meetings and negotiations with realtors, who often have controversial qualifications and seek to impose additional paid offers.

Our company is successfully working with partners in Europe, which are the best and proven agencies that have the necessary licenses and accreditations. We will do everything for you!

The advantages of cooperation with our company:

  1. The employees have a wealth of experience in dealing with transactions and have an impeccable knowledge of the specifics of European markets.
  2. The use of advanced technologies, thanks to which real estate is selected in the shortest possible time and in full accordance with the wishes of customers.
  3. Guarantee of transaction transparency and complete confidentiality of personal data.
  4. Professional assistance to avoid any risk when concluding a contract for the purchase or sale of an object.
  5. Providing comprehensive advice on all matters of purchase, conditions of maintenance, operation and taxation.
  6. Support in obtaining a residence permit and mortgage in Europe.

At the same time, the cost of the real estate purchase process remains affordable and reasonable.

To date, the banking legislation of the European Union does not allow financial institutions to provide mortgage loans to non-residents who do not have permanent registration, verified income and security for loan repayment.

But, European housing or a commercial facility for starting a business attracts Russian citizens, since this option is an effective way to invest. Many wealthy people choose it to become the owner of a document that allows them to live in the territory of the chosen country and receive official income.


Features of obtaining a mortgage in Europe:

  • the credit policy of financial organizations differs greatly, since they have their own interest rates on mortgages, principles for registering transactions;
  • minimum rates are observed in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg and Slovakia, the percentage does not exceed 2%;
  • the most favorable conditions for obtaining a mortgage are observed in Austria, Germany, Portugal, France and Switzerland, a loan is issued for 15-35 years from 2 to 4% per annum.
  • For Russians, foreign banks have different lending conditions. They can get a mortgage, but only if certain requirements are met. In this case, we recommend contacting the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company.
  • Services are provided only by highly qualified specialists who use well-defined algorithms in practice. Our experts help to buy and sell real estate in Europe, start a business profitably, and also get the coveted home in a cozy place.


Our company has a large number of positive reviews, which are an indicator of unconditional trust in us. Send a request on our website, and our specialist will contact you shortly.

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