IT software for a processing company (rent and sale)

"E-COMMERCE BROKER" invites you to create processing company on loyal partnership terms. Apply effective solutions to open a functional and reliable payment system.

Advantages of renting IT software for processing companies

IT software rental is considered a successful alternative to purchasing licenses, and is considered an effective way to use modern software.

Staying on clearance rent of software, all costs are distributed in an even manner, and are transferred from one-time capital investments to fixed (predictable) ones.

Software rental helps to optimize the organization's purchase budget software licenses, without compromising the quality / functionality / reliability of the product. Advantages IT software rental for processing companies:

  • a huge selection of software. When you contact us, we will select the necessary software that fully meets the tasks set, the specifics of the commercial direction and personal wishes;
  • payment only for actually used resources. You can always refuse applications / licenses that you do not use, but with the preservation of the possibility of their connection after a certain period of time;
  • cost optimization - excluding the initial investment, you reduce the licensing budget by up to 40-50%.

Why is it worth renting or buying IT software for processing companies?

  1. In just 20-30 days E-COMMERCE BROKER specialists launch payment service.
  2. Online merchant transactions control.
  3. Accessible and uncomplicated API.

The staff of our company includes specialized and experienced specialists who have a wealth of professional experience behind them. Developers processing platforms regularly develop the proposed software, supplementing it with innovative details, which are appreciated by market participants ecommerce.

We have many years of experience in the development and timely support of innovative technologies related to the acceptance and processing of payments received online. Previously, we successfully collaborated with companies from Europe, developing payment software, fully corresponding to the tasks set.

For now we offer ultramodern, processing platform, actively used to create a payment system leased by acquiring banks and European processing companies, as well as organizations from Russia and Belarus.

The cost of renting IT software for processing companies

Depends on the number of users / workstations where the selected software will be used. Accordingly, the amount lease of server software calculated based on the required IT capacities.

Interested in an offer? Please use the feedback form and our specialists will recruit you in the next working hour to discuss all the details of mutually beneficial cooperation. You just need to voice the name of the products of interest and the number of licenses.



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