Company registration in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the major international centers where powerful financial and human resources are concentrated.

Company registration in Hong Kong opens up a lot of promising opportunities for opening and developing the chosen commercial area.

This jurisdiction has a favorable investment climate. That is why it is profitable to open industrial companies, mid- and small-level organizations, as well as large holdings in Hong Kong. Among the additional advantages of this state it is worth noting:

  • loyal attitude of the authorities towards non-residents;
  • stable legislation;
  • developed economic situation.

The company "E-COMMERCE BROKER" offers register a company in Hong Kong. Our qualified specialists are fluent in the current rules and regulations of the prestigious jurisdiction.

In the work process, we take into account the specifics of your activity and additional wishes. We will help you register an offshore company in Hong Kong, и open a current account in one of the reliable banks of the state.

Distinctive features of Hong Kong jurisdiction

Companies in Hong Kong are registered with a certain authorized capital. To open a company, it is enough to have one director or shareholder. Registration of an organization in Hong Kong most often produced in the form LTD.

Owning a company on the territory of an Asian state opens up the possibility of freely exporting goods for various purposes from China to any country. The name of the company being created is entered into the register in English and Chinese.

When carrying out activities you must pay income tax. If you contact us, we will be happy to help optimize your tax base. Experts "E-COMMERCE BROKER" register a company in Hong Kong, with the optimal choice of organizational form and structure.

Our specialists will provide detailed advice on business project diversification and tax planning. By cooperating with us, you become the owner of a company in Hong Kong with minimal physical and financial costs, forgetting about registration and procedural hassles.

The main advantages of doing business in Hong Kong:

ü no taxation on dividends, income from increasing the authorized capital;

ü confidentiality of business owner data;

ü the possibility of registering a company without the presence of the owner of the organization;

ü complete lack of control in offshore zone;

ü when conducting activities outside the state, guaranteed exemption from VAT;

ü excellent positions in the ranking OECD.

Our company sets prices flexibly and selects options in the offered packages of services provided. To receive detailed advice, please use any of the contacts provided.

What does the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company offer?

1.   Registration of a company in Hong Kong according to current legislation.

2.   If necessary, providing nominee shareholders and management.

3.   Professional assistance in selecting a bank for opening an account.

4.   Guaranteed confidentiality and legality of the procedures performed.

5.   Legal company registration в remote mode.

6.   Effective support for accounting, performing audits and preparing annual financial statements.

Contact us, we will be happy to work fruitfully and share practical tips for successfully running a business in a foreign country.

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