Offshore bank account

The company "E-COMMERCE BROKER" will be glad to open for you the field of international, digital banking. We work in a transparent manner and responsibly, taking into account all the recommendations of clients and the tasks set. Having an international checking account is considered a major step towards financial freedom and diversification.

Efficient and streamlined workflow

If you are a startup owner or your business client base is growing internationally, then our team knows firsthand how important it is to achieve a flexible current account and a wide coverage of the target audience. 

The E-COMMERCE BROKER company has extensive experience of successful work and provides a wide range of services. We value our established reputation and provide real, effective support for your business. We work with high and low risk projects.

We offer smart banking solutions and effective tailor-made solutions. We will be happy to help you ensure your financial freedom and optimize your tax benefits. The process of opening an offshore bank account, only at first glance, may seem easy. 

In fact, for the result to be positive, it is necessary to have fundamental knowledge of the work process itself and the specifics of the international market. Banking institutions put forward requirements for mutually beneficial cooperation, which, as a rule, differ slightly. But, in practice, there is a standard generally accepted scheme that all banks adhere to.

For the selected bank, you will need to collect the required documentation package. In this matter, our employees will cope quickly and without delay. In our work we rely on the direction of your business and the tasks set. 

Banking institutions must request the following information:

  • Full name, year of birth;
  • legal address, occupation;
  • citizenship of the director of the organization.

Some financial institutions may request a driver's license for verification, as well as details and physical address. The information provided affects taxation. Offshore banking operations are carried out in strict accordance with the legal framework.

If necessary, foreign banks can request the provision of a bank statement for the last six months or a calendar year, provided that you have a current account with a financial institution in your country. E-COMMERCE BROKER has extensive practical experience and professionalism in opening offshore bank accounts.

Call or write, we will be glad to a fruitful partnership! We select personalized solutions for different business areas and jurisdictions. We work remotely and receive our clients in an office located in Riga.


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