Registration of foreign representative offices and branches at the official level

Organizations that seek to expand their business choose offshores instead European corporations. Process registration of official representative offices companies in foreign countries begins with studying all the intricacies of the procedure and choosing a specific state.

The company "E-COMMERCE BROKER" provides services for Registration. и accreditation of branches и representative offices of foreign legal entities on the territory of foreign countries. We guarantee prompt, competent implementation of a set of necessary measures, the cost of which remains attractive.

How is the registration of foreign representative offices of companies carried out?

The procedure is impossible without the necessary list of documents and professional support. First, you will need to understand the main nuances, details of choosing an offshore zone and clarify the list of documents. The standard documentation package looks like this:

  1. Statutory documents of the organization.
  2. Confirmation of the enterprise's activities.
  3. Owner's personal information.
  4. Identity card of co-owners (subject to availability).

After submitting the documents, you need to proceed opening a bank account. Notarized documentation may be required. As practice shows, some financial institutions may require other supporting documents.

Professional support for registering a branch in Europe

If you are committed to expanding or opening a business, then our company is ready to accompany you at every stage. You can choose any country from popular jurisdictions.

Our specialists are always on guard to protect the interests of each client. In our working practice, we actively rely on the current laws of the relevant countries. For many years we have been conducting successful cooperation with foreign partners.

Where is the best place to open a foreign branch of an organization?

In answering this question, it is first necessary to study the specifics of the company’s activities, understand what tasks the client sets for us, what advantages he plans to gain in the end, and so on.

For this reason, before forming the optimal proposal for each case, it is important for us to delve into all the details and nuances of open questions. After which it is selected country for registration of foreign branches and representative offices. Foreign companies can open or expand their business in the following ways:

  • register a new legal entity with a separate bank account;
  • create a subsidiary or representative office in the EU zone or Europe.

Today the EU includes 28 countries and territories. We cooperate with many of them, so the registration of your company with a bank account will take place in the shortest possible time, competently and in a transparent manner.

Details of our workflow:

  1. After contacting us, experienced experts get to work and resolve important issues related to migration, corporate services, opening a bank account and legal consulting.
  2. We always bring even the most difficult cases to fruition. Our experts select the best ways to solve work problems.
  3. Upon completion of the work you receive European bank account, representation or branch in the selected EU country.

Collaboration can take place in person in our office or remotely online, as is convenient for you. Create your offer and contact us using the specified contacts. We will be happy to professionally solve problems regarding registration of foreign representative offices and branches.

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