Obtaining a financial license in the UK (FCA)

Availability Licenses FCA – direct evidence for clients about the reliability and law-abidingness of a financial company in the UK. FCA is an acronym for the non-governmental supervisory agency Financial Conduct Authority.

Issuing a permit to conduct financial activities is a mandatory procedure for a number of companies in the banking, insurance, and investment sectors. Employees of the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company will help you understand the nuances of licensing in the United Kingdom.

Features of obtaining a British FCA financial license

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) replaced another supervisory body, the FSA, in April 2013, when British parliamentarians approved new legislation on the operation of financial markets.

In the UK, an FCA license is considered mandatory for the following organizations:

  • banking and mortgage institutions;
  • companies engaged in investing and providing brokerage services;
  • Forex market participants;
  • pension and other types of funds;
  • insurers;
  • financial consulting firms;
  • other organizations involved in the financial sector.

The task of the established supervisory body FCA is to transparently organize the work of commercial companies, with the timely identification of fraudulent structures.

Benefits of FCA Financial Licensing

For a financial organization operating on British soil, obtaining an FCA license opens up the following opportunities:

  • apply for settlement of disputes between the client and the company;
  • guaranteed return of amounts up to 50 thousand pounds if fraud is detected or the company goes bankrupt;
  • regular activities to identify and eliminate fraud;
  • assistance in improving the security system;
  • timely actions to monitor compliance with changing legislation.

Violators of the current regulations are subject to sanctions that prevent fraud and acts of dishonesty.

Business and document requirements for the FCA

Before contacting the regulatory authority with application for a financial license in the UK, check whether the company meets the requirements:

  1. Availability of registration in British territory.
  2. Registration of at least 2 directors with residence in the UK and experience in the financial market of the country.
  3. The company must have shareholders (individuals or organizations) without the mandatory requirements of British citizenship.
  4. In the absence of a company secretary, his functions are entrusted to one of the directors.
  5. The office space for work must provide for the possibility of simultaneous work of two or more employees, have a landline telephone and the Internet.

Will not be able get a license in the UK organizations with shareholders or managers who were previously prosecuted or after bankruptcy.

Terms of registration

Procedure for obtaining a British license It is considered quite complex, and the issuance period can be 4-6 months. The E-COMMERCE BROKER company will help you obtain a financial license in the UK as quickly as possible, taking on all the difficulties of preparing and agreeing on a business plan, finding an office and employees, collecting and submitting documents to the regulator.

Launching a functioning English business is a difficult and costly matter; quite large sums are paid for the right to work on an equal basis with well-known financial companies in England.

Contact an E-COMMERCE BROKER employee for advice and we will offer the best options obtaining a license for a financial company in the UK.


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