KYC / AML courses

Companies specializing in the conduct of activities related to the conduct of transactions by means of funds, property, are required to possess all the nuances of countering money laundering, as well as the financing of terrorism.

Since March 2020, amendments have been made at the legislative level to the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorist Activities.

In accordance with the amendments approved by the state authorities, every company registered in the territory of Estonia must have in the state Director or Specialist (officer) KYC (Know you client - know your client) /AML (Anti-money laundering).

The new direction consists of a lot of important aspects that cannot be mastered on your own. Passage of professional courses can be arranged in a trusted training company.

Master all the features and specific points of the KYC / AML requirements with the "E-COMMERCE BROKER"

E-COMMERCE BROKER is a responsible partner providing a wide range of services related to the registration of organizations in different jurisdictions, opening bank accounts, acquiring and providing effective, secure payment solutions.

The company employs experts with extensive practical experience. We propose to go through a full, training course in respect of KYC / AML, which is developed based on the existing environment in the international financial markets.

The KYC / AML course provides for consideration of the theoretical and practical parts, a detailed study of real cases. The term of study is 1 month, the cost of the course is 5 Euro.

KYC / AML courses are designed for:

  • owners and managers of companies;
  • auditors, financiers, accountants;
  • employees of banking and other financial institutions;
  • participants in cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • persons wishing to master a new, promising profession.

Features of KYC / AML courses

In the course of conducting the courses, various important issues related to the direction of KYC / AML will be considered:

  1. Effective illegal actions in relation to money laundering, terrorist financing.
  2. An accessible explanation of the concepts / terms of KYC / AML in order to become a competent specialist in this area, and the successful application of the knowledge gained in practice.
  3. Basics of registration, preservation, protection and disposal of certain information.
  4. Competent risk assessment of due diligence measures.
  5. Correct ways to identify individuals / legal entities.
  6. Instructing on the preparation of reporting documentation.
  7. Determination of money laundering scheme, termination of business partnership.
  8. Types of virtual currencies, their methods of use / exchange.

The courses offered are based on actionable KYC / AML tools and resources. Information on the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit will also be presented: functions, international data exchange.

The considered economic schemes, models of legalization of illegal profits and the basis presented in the training courses will help with the utmost caution to identify fraudulent schemes, unscrupulous partners, which in turn contributes to the receipt of good income and the prosperity of the company.

Benefits of taking KYC / AML courses:

  • the ability to go through all the stages in Rahapesu andmebüroo, in order to obtain / confirm a cryptocurrency license;
  • skillful identification of suspicious activities of potential / permanent partners;
  • development of rules and regulations to manage the risks of money laundering.

To quickly register for professional KYC / AML courses, use the contacts provided on the site. Limited number of seats.


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