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UK company registration

If you want to bring your business to the level international market, we propose to consider the possibility company registration in the UK... E-COMMERCE BROKER works responsibly and competently. Extensive practical experience determines the successful completion of projects of varying complexity.

Our company produces company registration in the UK in 1 day. The cost opening of the English organization is only 300 Euro. As practice shows, most often the creation of companies in this European state is carried out for:

  • international trade operations (sale of goods / services online, dropshipping, wholesale);
  • holdings / investments owning intellectual / real property, securities and assets;
  • service / agency organizations (marketing, online training courses, consulting, IT).

Popular types of companies in the UK:

  1. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a limited liability partnership in which the liability of each partner is limited to the amount of personal contribution.


  2. Limited Company (LTD) - LLC, where each of the participants is limited by the size of the authorized capital.


  3. Limited Partnership (LP) - a partnership where a partner / several members have unlimited liability.

The E-COMMERCE BROKER company is an experienced team of professionals who perfectly know their business. We provide professional services in relation to
company registration in different jurisdictions, account opening in trusted banking institutions, competent accounting services, of international tax planning and so on.

Turning to us, in return you receive a full range of turnkey services. We successfully work in different jurisdictions, with any field of activity (low, medium, high risk) and with clients from different countries.

Benefits of registering a company in the UK:

ü founders can be foreign citizens;

ü submission of reports in electronic form is carried out once a year;

ü accessible use of the nominee service, which is legal and transparent at the legislative level;

ü complete absence of correspondence with tax authorities on paper;

ü for LP, LLP companies preferential taxation, and use income tax at the rate of 0%.

The UK has a reputation as a prestigious jurisdiction that offers many opportunities for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs. In addition to registering a company, we will help you
open an account in the UK, which also has a lot of advantages:

ü minimum commissions for account maintenance;

ü no interest for incoming transfers;

ü execution of transactions in different currencies;

ü convenient work with cryptocurrency.

When you contact us, our experts will help you decide whether it is suitable
UK company for your business project? Which company is the most profitable?

We will show you how and where is better
open an account in a jurisdiction, what documents are needed for this? We will help optimize income tax, and avoid double taxation system.

Contact us, we will organize a transparent and legal
registration of an organization in the UK as soon as possible, we will open an account and help with further business services in a foreign country.

The whole process
registration of an English company if necessary, we perform remotely. Do you need competent expert support? The E-COMMERCE BROKER company is at your service! 

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