Obtaining a financial license in New Zealand

New Zealand attracts business representatives with special working conditions in the format of offshore organizations. If the activities of the company will be related to the economic sphere, you should take care of the settlement of the issue in advance obtaining a financial license in New Zealand.

E-COMMERCE BROKER provides licensing assistance and advises non-resident entrepreneurs to register a new business in New Zealand.

With some minor differences, the procedure follows a procedure similar to licensing in the UK. Before submitting documents for opening a license, the business owner must clearly define what exactly the company will be engaged in - credit services, investments, banking services, trading, organization of online payment transactions.

Features of licensing in New Zealand

The Financial Markets Authority (abbreviated as FMA) is responsible for the control of service offers in the financial sector and regulation of the securities market. The stability of the system is ensured by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Part of the authority to regulate finance has been transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (the English version of the name DIA) and the Trade Commission.

Starting a financial business in New Zealand has a number of advantages. The legislation does not establish the minimum acceptable threshold for the authorized capital.

Adaptation for many businessmen who decide to do business in the country is easier, since the main language is English, which is widespread throughout the world.

In addition, the state is not a member of the European Union, and does not have to adhere to the EU Savings Tax directive. The economy of New Zealand is considered the most progressive and reliable, and the state itself has a developed infrastructure. Starting a business in such a country has a high chance of success.

A financial license in New Zealand is required if the company will be engaged in:

  • the provision of financial services;
  • management of funds received from clients;
  • crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending schemes;
  • brokerage services, Forex trading;
  • investment management;
  • peer-to-peer lending (P2P);
  • payment systems;
  • organization of currency exchange operations;
  • issuance of derivatives.

All of the above activities are governed by the provisions of the Financial Markets Conduct Law "and require registration Licenses FMA. The transparency of jurisdiction in the conduct of business related to licensed financial activities allows business owners to successfully compete with other companies around the world without imposing strict requirements.

What do you need to get a financial license in New Zealand?

Licensing is possible after registration of the company. Before applying for a license, you should check your compliance with the requirements of the law:

  1. The name of the organization must include the ending "Limited".
  2. Organizational and legal form - only Private Company.
  3. The legal address can be any point within the islands.
  4. The director of the company being created must be a resident of the country, or a resident of Australia.
  5. The authorized capital can be contributed in part, and its full-time amount is determined taking into account the chosen field of activity.

To competently prepare a package of documentation for the New Zealand Administration, you need the help of specialists who have thoroughly studied the specifics of business requirements in New Zealand. Employees of the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company perform any actions necessary to issue a permit as soon as possible.

Terms of registration

Since the licensing process is clearly regulated, the period registration of a license limited by statutory periods of 3-6 months, subject to full compliance with all legislative requirements.

By contacting the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company, business representatives receive a full range of services, from filling out an application and preparing an individual package of documentation, to completing additional forms and oral advice.


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