Obtaining a financial license in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a global financial center. The country with a population of 7 people has a large concentration of financial services firms. Such commercial activities are seriously controlled by the state and cannot be carried out without special permission - Money Service Operator.

This document is issued by the regulator for 22 months. When the validity period expires, it can be extended. Obtaining a financial license in Hong Kong provides the ability to work with checks and currency. Plus, you can make transfers to different countries.

The document registration procedure takes 3 months. But the applicant will need to make every effort to receive it. Issuance of licenses to financial organizations carried out by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (C&ED).

It is quite difficult to obtain it without the help of qualified specialists. For this reason, it is better to turn to professionals in their field. The E-COMMERCE BROKER company will help you obtain paperwork to do business in an Asian country. Our experts will always advise you on issues related to doing business and licensing in the chosen jurisdiction.

Why is it necessary to obtain a Money Service Operator?

Money Service Operator is a document that allows you to carry out actions with currency and electronic money in the country. Both a local company and a non-resident company can obtain an MSO.

Operating without a license is strictly punished by government authorities. MSO allows you to perform the following operations:

  1. Send money worldwide and Hong Kong.
  2. Receive transfers from different countries, as well as within the country.

A financial services license allows you to work not only with currency, but also with checks (cryptocurrency is not included in this list). This country is seriously struggling with money laundering.

An enterprise that wishes to obtain an MSO license must pass a special test. It is required in order to determine the reliability or corruption of a company.

Also, a company receiving permission to conduct business in an Asian country is required to register its premises. The office must have a specific address. It is necessary that the selected premises be approved by the Customs and Excise Department.

What assistance does the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company provide?

E-COMMERCE BROKER experts understand the intricacies of obtaining a license to conduct commercial transactions with funds. We take care of all issues related to obtaining a commercial work permit:

  • We assess the applicant's eligibility level;
  • We help you create a company;
  • We prepare the documents required to apply for a permit;
  • We are negotiating with the Customs and Excise Department;
  • We provide assistance in opening a bank account.

By cooperating with our company, in return you get a reliable partner who will help you not only obtain a license, but also successfully run your business. We will advise you on all issues that arise at each stage of obtaining a permit to conduct business activities in Hong Kong.

The E-COMMERCE BROKER company will help you not only obtain a financial license, but also to organize a profitable business. You will be able to engage in commercial activities in the shortest possible time and earn a high income.


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