Merchant account Dietary supplements, beauty products

Today on the Internet there are a huge number of resources that offer products belonging to the category of dietary supplements, as well as sites selling beauty products: cosmetics, care products, paints, varnishes, creams and much more.

This type of online commerce is very common and is very popular among Internet users, since thanks to online stores you can make purchases without leaving your home.

At the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company, qualified specialists are well acquainted with the intricacies of the business of selling dietary supplements and beauty products, therefore they offer services for registering and servicing trading accounts. We will help you open your online store high risk merchant account, which will allow you to develop your business and take it to new levels.

We offer different online payment methods: from plastic cards of different systems and electronic wallets. Our payment solutions are well thought out and selected strictly taking into account the specifics of the commercial area. That is why your work on the Internet will become much safer, faster and more efficient, and therefore more profitable.

Why are organizations in the “beauty and health” category considered high-risk?

The essence of an online store is that buyers purchase goods on the website and then complete online payments. And in order for a store to be able to accept these payments and service them, it needs a reliable partner in the form of a processing center and the presence of a payment gateway.

We are a company that specializes in providing services in the field of merchant accounts and payment solutions for e-commerce. Companies involved in the sale of dietary supplements and beauty products are classified as high risk.

The reason is that the number of chargebacks in this industry is quite high. As a result, many Russian banks are wary of such organizations and are reluctant to enter into agreements with them for оonline payment processing. A large percentage of returned cash transactions is a kind of risk for banking organizations, due to which they suffer financial losses.

If you still want your online store to operate in the field of e-commerce and customers to purchase goods from the site, then our company has found a solution for you. Opening accounts IBAN will ensure that you will not only be able to accept payment cards from different local banks, but also service international accounts, receiving payment in different currencies: US and Canadian dollars, Euros, pounds sterling and others.

Features of opening an account for trading beauty products and dietary supplements

Opening a merchant account is a labor-intensive process, as it requires not only searching for the optimal payment solution and choosing a suitable bank, but also collecting the necessary documentation, which is transferred to the bank for review. Based on the information received, the bank will decide on the possibility of concluding a service agreement.

Specialists of the E-COMMERCE BROKER company will prepare the entire package of documents for the bank. The seller of beauty products and dietary supplements will be required to provide:

  • documents confirming registration in the form of a legal entity;

  • checking account;

  • the organization’s website through which online payment will be made.

No less important is the issue of positive/negative credit history. Our specialists will help you deal with this aspect. We open accounts even for those companies that have no processing history at all.


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