Virtual IBAN account

An IBAN account is an international bank account number designed for convenient and quick interbank settlements, as well as significantly speeding up the process of making payment transactions between different countries of the world.

The key difference between a virtual IBAN account is that this type of account acts as an intermediate node when redirecting funds from one account to another.
In terms of external features, an IBAN account is practically indistinguishable from a standard IBAN bank account. This is the same set of alphabetic/numeric abbreviations that serve as a code for the destination for making monetary transactions. But, provided that the virtual option is linked to another account.
Entrepreneurs planning to conduct successful activities in European countries know firsthand about the importance and advantages of accepting/processing cash payments through various modern tools.

Open a virtual IBAN account in Europe

The company "E-COMMERCE BROKER" offers open a virtual IBAN account on loyal terms of cooperation. There is an excellent opportunity for non-residents remote opening of a personal accountin the payment system of the selected jurisdiction, with the assignment of an individual IBAN.

Our company's experts guard the interests of our clients. We will help you go through the existing stages of registration, provide comprehensive support and provide detailed advice.

Key advantages of payment systems for foreign entrepreneurs

In order to smoothly conduct your business, manage assets and take advantage of all the advantages of the chosen jurisdiction, it is important to have a valid personal account opened in Europe.
Having a bank account in a European country is considered an excellent solution for free workers, non-residents, who can easily establish fruitful partnerships with foreign partners, immediately receiving payments for services rendered.

Virtual IBAN account - a popular financial product

As practice shows, representatives of European banking institutions are quite scrupulous in considering issues related to the verification of potential clients.

Our company works with entrepreneurs and companies from different countries, including Russia, Belarus, and CIS countries. The accumulated working base allows us to successfully solve the tasks assigned by clients and find a rationally profitable option.

By choosing payment system services in “E-COMMERCE BROKER”, in return you receive a guaranteed result and time-tested quality:

  • fast and transparent opening an IBAN account with individual details;

  • ability to manage funds;

  • premium service;

  • timely feedback from your personal manager;

  • technical support for bank card users;

  • payments are made using an existing card, anywhere in the world, and the required currency.

IBAN account can be used without checking your credit history, and can also be replenished in various ways convenient for you. With this type of account, you are guaranteed to make purchases safely, confidentially and quickly. If necessary, our specialists will help you link several additional ones to the main card.

One of the main operating principles of the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company is compliance and an increased level of security. This is why we have introduced higher technological standards to ensure safety/compliance with directives and regulations FCA, European Union.


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