Conducting ICOs for projects. Companies entering ICO

Attracting investment projects through a modern form ICO unlike an IPO placement, it does not involve the completion of labor-intensive steps. This is precisely the main advantage of ICO, especially for startups.

In any case, in order to fully and competently work with the modern form of attracting investments, it is important to promptly take advantage of the help of experts who know all the intricacies of this niche.

Experienced specialists of the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company offer qualified assistance with conduct ICO for projects, as well as ensuring organizations' entry into ICO. In the work process, we adhere to current legislative norms and act strictly within the legal framework.

After discussing all the details, we will work with you on the nuances of the development, its prospects, in order for potential investors to be confident in the transparency and full compliance of the project with a specific blockchain direction.

Professional ICO implementation

At the very beginning, you will need to register a legal entity in the chosen jurisdiction. Most often, for the successful implementation of the plan, it is worth considering Estonia, the UK, Singapore and several other countries in which the legislative norms are clearly formulated and understandable and the prospects for the development of cryptocurrency projects are absolutely clear.

Our experts will recommend jurisdictions whose policies are aimed at strengthening a positive reputation and creating a legal zone for work at favorable tax rates. E-COMMERCE BROKER experts will help you competently and correctly develop a promotion strategy.

Preparation of necessary documentation

The presentation of the project should begin with a short, clear presentation, through which the goals and key essence of the entire project are outlined. Professional training helps ensure guaranteed feedback and the ability to modify an effective business model.

Project documentation for ICO must be prepared at an expert level, so it cannot be done without the help of specialists. For example, independent preparation can lead to the fact that one incorrect or ambiguous interpretation takes on a different legal meaning in official documentation.

After signing the offer, the terms for the sale of tokens are formed

Next comes the stage of PR promotion, the final stage of which is the launch of the ICO. As practice shows, if you choose the project direction wisely, you will definitely get the expected result.

Enterprises that launched process of reaching ICO, operate in completely different areas. To guarantee the company’s entry into ICO and successfully implement its goals while reducing risks to a minimum, you will need:

  1. A clear interpretation of the project idea.
  2. Availability of a fundamental legal basis.
  3. Preparation of an offer highlighting the advantages for potential investors.
  4. Formation of documentation.
  5. Issuance of tokens, effective sales management.
  6. Organization of a PR company.

Throughout the preparatory process, it is important to delegate tasks between experts to avoid common mistakes and save significant time. It is necessary to master specific aspects of the cryptosphere.

Our company’s specialists think through all the nuances, including technical ones, from creating cryptocurrency wallets to drawing up work instructions. Contact us, we will be happy to help you successfully complete each stage, and we will provide comprehensive support for the organization’s successful entry into ICO.


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