Company registration in Seychelles

The Seychelles is an attractive area with developed infrastructure, transparent legislation and reliable banking system. 

In this jurisdiction, you can build a fairly profitable business by taking advantage of the offered prospects and effective financial instruments.

Company registration in Seychelles carried out in different areas (trust organizations, hedge funds, representative offices of trading companies, and so on). The Seychelles is a reputable territory for a tangible increase in competitiveness and guaranteed access to international markets.

Opening a company in the Seychelles

The E-COMMERCE BROKER company offers company registration in the Seychelles in a short time, with strict compliance with the legislation of this jurisdiction. The authorized capital of the company is subject to taxation at 0,1% of the total amount.

If you wish buy a ready-made company in the Seychelles, then you will need to form a small organization (one person is enough). Every local and foreign entrepreneur actively takes advantage of the conditions of economic stability offered by the government authorities of the islands.

The main advantages of opening a company in Seychelles:

  • licensing – on the islands you can conduct activities related to banking and insurance, the only thing you will need to obtain is the appropriate license;
  • 0% tax rate on profits earned outside the African island state;
  • complete confidentiality of data - such a guarantee is provided at the legal level. Information related to the activities of companies and constituent documentation can be transferred to third parties only in exceptional cases - by decision of a judicial authority;
  • possibility of using a nominee service;
  • profitable and reliable investment conditions;
  • tax and other benefits developed by local authorities for foreign and local businessmen.

Why should you contact the experts of the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company?

  1. Optimal solutions - we do not offer template solutions; each work process is carried out individually, taking into account business specifics, features of the chosen jurisdiction, and additional client wishes.
  2. Successful cooperation with a large number of trusted partner banks located in different countries. Thanks to this we open trading and bank accounts with maximum benefits for entrepreneurs.
  3. Working remotely – we provide many of the services we offer online. We operate quickly and professionally.
  4. Experienced experts whose level of knowledge and practice fully meets the high requirements of the management of our company.

Taking into account current trends in international legislation, Seychelles are known as an excellent state that provides different directions and conditions for conducting intensively developing business.

Please use the contacts provided, our highly qualified experts will register a company in the Seychelles quickly and competently. We know first-hand how to minimize client risks and offer exceptionally effective payment solutions. 

We'll tell you what to pay attention to when tax optimization commercial direction in the conditions of international rules. The Seychelles is a favorable area for creating a profitable commercial destination!

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