International IBAN account

An international IBAN account is an international bank account number that is used in European countries between financial institutions operating in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).
The IBAN code is used only in European banks. When transferring funds to a European banking institution, the IBAN is indicated, consisting of certain numeric / alphabetic values.

Rules and regulations creating an international IBAN account developed / improved by the International Organization for Standardization. The requisite must fully comply with applicable requirements ISO.

International bank account was introduced in order to simplify the process of performing non-cash payment transactions, as well as transfers made in the Eurozone.

Open an international IBAN account quickly and conveniently

The company "E-COMMERCE BROKER" offers a professional service opening an international IBAN account. For self-discovery accounts in Europe it is required to go through a rather complicated procedure, with the obligatory collection of certain documents and a visit to the bank.

Working with us, we take on our shoulders all the working moments. You do not need to personally contact a financial institution in the EU, collect the requested documentation package and study specific information that relates to this issue.

Our experts will provide competent and accessible advice, as well as take all the necessary actions, in order for you to receive personal IBAN account international standard.

The main advantages of an international IBAN account in Europe:

  • convenient use;

  • the ability to use an intuitive gadget application;

  • affordable work with large foreign companies.

Automated process payment processing international level due to the use IBAN format, which automatically recognizes the correct account number. This fact prevents the possible risk of erroneous execution of the payment transaction.

Positive aspects of the European IBAN account:

  1. Identification / verification of bank details.

  2. Improved customer service.

  3. Standardization of accounts.

  4. Payment processing automatically (STP).

The presence of these advantages significantly reduces the admission of operators' mistakes, leads to minimization of costs in the process of processing payment transactions, and entails an increase in the speed of execution of payments.

We live in a modern world of mobility, which depends on the existing economic situations. The company "E-COMMERCE BROKER" helps legal entities and individuals to select the best and most profitable solutions, without the application of great efforts on the part of the client and the waste of personal time.

Working moments

Our team of specialized specialists concentrates maximum attention on the key work points, providing complete confidentiality, security and results to each client who applies. Of the main values ​​of our work, it is worth noting:

  • clarity and simplicity - financial technologies at the level of their effectiveness should be accessible to entrepreneurs and those people who strive to develop modern technologies;

  • increased focus on the client - the financial / technological products we offer are transparent, high-quality and tailored specifically to your business;

  • efficiency - the products we develop and the services we provide are available for managing them remotely without losing quality, regardless of your location.

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