Residence permit in Latvia

The company "E-COMMERCE BROKER" provides services for obtaining a residence permit in Latvia. A residence permit is a special document that allows a foreign citizen to stay on the territory of the Republic of Latvia. The length of stay is determined based on the existing status (permanent/temporary).

Advantages of a residence permit in Latvia

This document has a large number of advantages, among which it is worth highlighting:

  1. Free entry into the country without a visa and visit any country in the Schengen area.
  2. Access to work, medical services, study in prestigious educational institutions.
  3. Registration of visas for relatives.
  4. Simplified procedure for issuing a visa to visit the USA, UK and many other countries.
  5. Residence in the country without time restrictions.
  6. Opportunity to open or expand a business.
  7. Registration of movable and immovable property.

Having a valid status is an opportunity to submit a request for obtaining citizenship in Latvia.

How to obtain a residence permit in the Republic of Latvia?

There are several ways:

  • acquisition of residential and commercial real estate;
  • investment in projects;
  • current status of a board member - director of an LLC/JSC in the country;
  • having a category D visa, which is a long-term permit to stay in the country with the right to work.

To go through the procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Latvia, you must collect the appropriate package of documentation. Each document must be properly executed and current at the time of submission.

The list may change, it all depends on the provisions of the country’s legislative framework. If necessary, notarized copies of the following documents are requested:

  • international passport;
  • application form filled out by the applicant;
  • photograph on a light background, dimensions 35x45 mm;
  • call from immigration service;
  • certificate of no criminal record;
  • letter of guarantee confirming the place of intended residence;
  • certificate of civil status and court decisions, extracts from the archive;
  • certificate of living wage;
  • confirmation of received education and advanced training;
  • medical certificates;
  • compulsory health insurance policy.

Many of the documents listed have expiration dates, so it is important to submit them on time.

The advantages of contacting our company

Obtaining residence permit in Latvia - a long process that requires knowledge of the laws and requirements of the country. Not every applicant is able to competently approach the implementation of the task and solve the main problems in a timely manner.

"E-COMMERCE BROKER" offers professional support and assistance in resolving the following issues:

  • studying the main reasons for obtaining a residence permit;
  • detailed data analysis;
  • collection of necessary documents, their registration with the relevant government agencies of Latvia;
  • business appeal to regulatory organizations;
  • assistance in opening and expanding a business.

Our experts accompany clients at every stage of cooperation. You can completely trust us, and we will send the results of the work remotely. The company employs lawyers with extensive experience, so we have already helped a large number of clients. We invite you to read the reviews to ensure our honesty, professionalism and literacy.

Residence permit in Latvia valid for 5 years. After this, you can apply for permanent residence. If you are having difficulty submitting your application, please contact us today.

Call the indicated phone numbers or leave your contact details. The meeting takes place in person in our office or online.

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