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Seychelles taxes

Seychelles has been renowned as one of the renowned tax havens throughout the world for many years. Company formation in the Seychelles provides entrepreneurs with a lot of advantages, and first of all, this is the absence of a tax payment on property and an increase in profits.

The islands are dominated by territorial taxation system, which means that the income part received outside the territory of the Seychelles is completely exempt from tax deductions. Foreign profits earned abroad, when transferred to a local bank, are already subject to taxation.

Accordingly, such a system allows you to live on the islands and successfully conduct international business remotely. Features taxation in Seychelles:

  1. VAT is levied on the supply of commodity items at an interest rate of 15%.
  2. Delivery of certain goods by fishermen / farmers is not subject to tax collection.
  3. Services provided in the field of medicine, finance, education - tax is 0%.

Company registration in Seychelles

E-COMMERCE BROKER has a strong team of professionals in the field of foreign law and effective payment solutions. By contacting us, in return you will receive detailed advice on processing solutions, opening companies in different jurisdictions, and so on.

We are successfully cooperating with a large number of trusted partners, both EU and non-EU. We work with legal entities and individuals, relying on the announced tasks, the specifics of the business and other important points.

Features of the tax system in Seychelles

The main component of the economy of the islands is tourism and the provision of corporate services. Due to the large number of prospects in the Seychelles, many entrepreneurs from Europe, America, Asia choose the island African state as the best territory for registration of international business.

The local government regularly reviews the current legislation, makes the necessary changes in order to preserve the provided well-being. The heads of international business companies registered in the Seychelles note the following features of the tax system of the islands:

  • VAT - a flat rate of 15%;
  • corporate tax payment can be a different percentage of 0-33%;
  • personal income tax - 16%.

Why do many entrepreneurs from different countries choose to cooperate with the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company?

  1. Qualified and experienced experts - the requirements for the staff of our company are too high.
  2. Multifaceted working practice - we are fluent in the specific features of different industries of modern commercial areas, IT technologies, digital solutions, foreign economic activity, and so on.
  3. An integrated approach - allowing our clients to simultaneously order several turnkey services offered, for example, registration of a startup, increasing the efficiency of the existing payment solution.
  4. Regular monitoring of different jurisdictions - our specialists weekly monitor changes in the legislative documents of different countries in order to draw up the best, promising proposals for our clients.
  5. Guaranteed confidentiality - we value our established reputation and ensure the complete security of the information provided to us.

Contact us, we will be glad to fruitful work! To contact us, use the specified contacts.

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