Support of international purchase and sale transactions

Concluding transactions between participants from different countries is a complex procedure that requires knowledge of laws, taking into account the specifics of drawing up documentation and fulfilling various obligations.

For this reason, the help of a specialist will be relevant and especially important. The company "E-COMMERCE BROKER" offers professional services in terms of preparation of all necessary documents and concluding international sales transactions.

Our employees have helped a large number of residents and non-residents of various foreign countries. This is evidenced by positive reviews that can be found on our website and freely available on third-party resources.

We offer our clients:

  • preparation and testing international treaties;
  • services of a lawyer in international affairs;
  • execution of decisions of courts of foreign countries;
  • consultation on international family law;
  • complete confidentiality;
  • an integrated approach to resolving legal disputes.

E-COMMERCE BROKER specialists have extensive experience in legal practice, conducting international processes. We are ready to help in collecting supporting documents, translating and signing contracts.

Our company’s services include assessing the situation to determine whether there are grounds for taking the necessary actions, identifying and analyzing evidence in order to confirm the right to perform such actions, organizing and performing the necessary procedures. Additional actions include the following nuances:

  1. Professional consulting.
  2. Competent documentation.
  3. Assessment, examination and solution of client problems.
  4. Analysis of provided information and documents.
  5. Support at every stage of the project.

You can use our services by visiting our office or remotely.

Features of conducting foreign economic activity

Our employees control the entire business process, and other specialists resolve issues related to paperwork, concluding purchase and sale transactions, transportation and protection of goods (if necessary). The E-COMMERCE BROKER company undertakes a wide range of tasks:

  1. Providing assistance with concluding foreign trade contracts, based on the legislation of the relevant country.
  2. Analysis of risks on an individual basis and search for the optimal way to resolve issues. All actions are carried out within legal limits.
  3. Drawing up and checking conditions transactions on foreign economic activity.
  4. Implementation of foreign trade contracts subject to the export of goods.
  5. Control of all concluded transactions (quality of fulfillment of obligations of all parties).

By contacting our company, you are guaranteed to receive a reliable partner who takes upon himself the solution of issues related to international business development, and its introduction to the world market. Contact us today for a full consultation.

In addition to the above services, we prepare a legal opinion in full compliance with the fundamentals of international law. You can get qualified assistance in those matters in which there is a need to draw up agreements for the sale and purchase of a business, property, shares, shares, and so on.

For prompt communication, use the contacts provided. We have a wealth of experience. Our specialists are always aware of changes in legislation in different countries.

Professional support required international sales transactions? Contact us, we will definitely work together!

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