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Legal services for international business relations

In practice, it is often difficult to money transfers from Russia to Europe. We will help you organize the structure in order to avoid possible problems regarding payments.

At your request, the specialists of "E-COMMERCE BROKER" will create a company with an EU resident beneficiary и open a bank account. The structure will include the beneficiary is a non-resident of Europe.

Our company offers international legal support for small and medium-sized businesses, is ready to provide advice to individuals and legal entities on issues of varying complexity.

We guarantee the provision of qualified assistance at the highest professional level, from consulting, transaction support and ending with questions business.

Experts help resolve disputes with the least loss for you, identify circumstances when making transactions in the region international business relations.

We care about our customers, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews. You will receive assistance from a personal manager who will accompany you at all stages of cooperation. Contact the specified contacts, visit the office in person or book an appointment online.

Why cooperation with "E-COMMERCE BROKER" is beneficial?

  1. Saving time and money.

We always comply with strictly agreed deadlines and never delay the solution of the problem. You get a true and professional way out of the situation.

  1. Expert support for your interests and maintaining complete confidentiality.

We always act on the side of our client. We employ competent and proven lawyers, whose opinion you can rely on.

  1. An integrated approach to solving your problems.

We do not use generic schemes. Each legal issue is individual and requires special attention and approach.

  1. Independent choice of necessary services.

It all depends on the type of services chosen. Carefully study the offers, contact us and get a free consultation.

Features of legal services for international business relations

Legal outsourcing is a special type of service to organizations by third-party companies or specialists who are not part of the permanent staff. This service is relevant in the following cases:

  1. When there are urgent legal problems.
  2. When it is necessary to implement daily tasks. Outsourcing lawyer responsibly fulfills the relevant obligations.

Having difficulties in doing business? We offer conclude an agreement for regular legal services for Russian-European business relations with our company.


Types of proposed cooperation

Lawyers perform one-time tasks or offer comprehensive services. The main list of works is:

  • provision of oral and written consultations;
  • preparation of various documents, their analysis and editing;
  • business correspondence;
  • assessment of actions and decisions of the partner;
  • negotiating on behalf of the company;
  • drawing up documents relating to the personnel and the internal situation of the organization;
  • consideration of proposals and assessment of the integrity of counterparties;
  • drafting letters of recommendation;
  • control over the execution of transactions;
  • registration of real estate contracts and so on.

The list can be increased or reduced, depending on the requirements of the client. After your request, we will form a package of necessary services, and you will only have to agree or leave recommendations. Contact our company and get expert help today.

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