Cryptocurrency license in Poland

Today, blockchain and virtual currency exchange business are rapidly developing areas. To successfully create and run this type of business, an entrepreneur must register with government agencies and get a license.

In 2017 everything transactions with cryptocurrency were equated to financial intermediation, therefore firms are required to obtain licenses for official running a crypto business. Such a document is not required only if the company is considered an exchanger or broker.

Rules for obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Poland

Poland is considered the most promising country for doing business. The cryptocurrency field has a large number of nuances, complexities and requirements.

Each company can try its hand at exchanging virtual currency. But for this it is necessary to obtain the appropriate permission to conduct transparent activities.

The license is issued according to the following principle:

  1. Registration of a company with search for a physical office. Non-residents can register closed and open limited liability organizations, SP zoo and SA.
  2. Opening a bank account and making the first deposit. Registration of a company occurs only if the citizen has paid the full amount.
  3. Registration of employees and directors on staff. They must have experience in the relevant profile and education in the financial sector.
  4. Preparation of a business plan, which will be relevant for quite a long time.
  5. Drawing up regulations that are necessary for the successful development and confirmation of the officiality of actions.

If you want to start running a cryptocurrency business in Poland, you must meet the following requirements:

  • be without a criminal record - the presence of an act on criminal prosecution in the tax area, for forgery of documents, seizure of someone else's property, illegal actions in relation to business, civil transactions, and so on will be the reason for refusal registering a business in Poland;
  • have at least 1 year of experience and knowledge in the field of operations with cryptocurrencies, as well as virtual assets.

In practice, there are other requirements that are taken into account on an individual basis. The company "E-COMMERCE BROKER" helps with registration exchange business и obtaining a cryptocurrency license.

Our experts have extensive experience in this field and are ready to provide support and accompany you at every stage. They will support you legally, organizationally, and also provide advice, develop a work plan and select a tax model.

The company's employees will help you collect the package of documents necessary for registration and obtaining a license. Thanks to us, you can legally, quickly and without problems open a cryptocurrency business in Poland and support it for a long time by legal means.


Benefits of working with "ECOMMERCE Broker":

  1. Full business support, including assistance in opening a company and provision of various services in the field of consulting, auditing and law.
  2. Professionalism, honesty and daily improvement of your capabilities.
  3. Help in crisis and atypical situations.
  4. Proposal of working optimal schemes.

If you decide register a crypto company and organize a crypto business in Poland, contact us. You can contact us using the contacts provided or leave your details for quick communication. We will take into account your wishes and requirements and help you organize a profitable business without breaking the law.

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