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Estonian crypto license

Many entrepreneurs refer to Estonia as a cryptocurrency haven country. Since 2017, about 2 thousand companies have received licenses for official management cryptocurrency activities.

In 2020, amendments to the current Estonian legislation came into force. They were developed in view of the effective fight against terrorism and money laundering.

The updated bills tighten the requirements for obtaining a crypto license in Estonia. But, thanks to the measures taken, cryptocurrency is fully legalized on the territory of the country, and the crypto business operates according to a transparent scheme exclusively in the legal field.

For this reason, Estonia has begun to arouse even greater interest from foreign entrepreneurs wishing to successfully run and develop their business in the blockchain industry.

At the moment, there are no loopholes in the country that allow money laundering with impunity. There is a large economic sector on the territory of Estonia, offering affordable and completely secure services for any actions related to cryptocurrency (exchange / storage / redirection, and so on).

Obtaining a crypto license in Estonia

E-COMMERCE BROKER offers competent assistance in obtaining a crypto license in Estonia. This document allows you to legally and freely work with cryptocurrency funds.

Cryptocurrency in Estonia can be used to conduct transactions with funds recognized by the company and which can be converted into fiat currency.

The main advantages of a cryptocurrency license in Estonia:

  1. Members of licensed companies have guaranteed protection, the same as that of standard financial institutions.
  2. Unconditional trust in licensed crypto companies in Estonia, rather than in companies from an unregulated niche.
  3. A company with an Estonian crypto license does not have to worry about a possible revocation of the document.
  4. The services of crypto organizations in Estonia are used by individuals and legal entities.

Estonian crypto license is drawn up according to the corresponding scheme developed by the authorities at the legislative level. When you contact the experts of "E-COMMERCE BROKER" will acquaint you with all the intricacies of the upcoming work process. Our office is located in Tallinn, we will be glad to see you and talk in person.

The specialists of our company provide comprehensive support at each stage. We will help you collect the required documentation package, register a company in Estonia, open a bank account and much more.

The profile team of "E-COMMERCE BROKER" is always aware of all the innovations created at the government level, therefore each of our clients:

  • conducts transparent activities in accordance with the current legal framework of Estonia or another jurisdiction;
  • protected from untested changes inherent in the international market;
  • you can be sure that we will select a functioning office, hire qualified personnel and offer nominee service.

Each process that provides for the registration of offshore companies involves the selection of profitable and legal business schemes that do not contradict the norms adopted at the international level.

Our team is always on guard for the interests of your business, so we only offer safe jurisdictions, where the optimal tax base operates. We take on the safety of your company from tax risks.

Contact us, we will definitely work together!

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