Company registration in the USA

According to the current rating, the United States is in the top 10 states, where favorable conditions prevail for the development of a successful business process in the chosen direction. Recently, there has been an increased demand among citizens of the Russian Federation, Belarus and many other CIS countries to open a company in the United States.

On the opening, company management and checking account in the USA leaves an insignificant part of the money, subject to cooperation with trusted partners. Also owning company with a bank account in this state, a lot of promising horizons open before you:

  • guaranteed access to international market;

  • efficient use of available credit resources;

  • the possibility of obtaining a green card and US citizenship;

  • optimization of taxation in the state of residence.

For the planned business in this state, you will need register a company in the USA. Moreover open a current account in the USA, it is possible only for an operating company that operates in the territory of the chosen jurisdiction.

Profitable starting a business in the USA

One of the main specializations of the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company is opening a company in the USA, as well as opening current accounts for companies in the USA (with beneficiaries, non-residents of the United States), including citizens of the Russian Federation.

Our company provides a wide range of services, in addition to offshore opening и bank / current accounts. You can use the services of modern IT tools and systems, licensing, accounting services (Russian-speaking accountant) and much more.

Turning to us, you no longer need to look for partners to perform other tasks. We work responsibly, comprehensively, professionally and on a turnkey basis. A contract is signed with each client, where all the agreed working conditions are prescribed in detail.

What to choose LLC or C Corporation?

LLC (Limited L Company) Is a limited liability company that citizens of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine and the CIS countries have the right to open on legal grounds.

The owners of a company of this type are not liable for the resulting debts with their property. It should be noted that insurance companies, financial institutions cannot open an LLC company. The management system of such firms is established by the owners.

Limited L Company suitable for small / medium businesses. LLC companies are not subject to income tax and are only taxed at the owner level. Financial statements are submitted once a year online or by mail.

Corporation C great for medium / large businesses, startups created with the aim of attracting investment. Such a company has many advantages. Corporation C acts as an independent legal entity that has full authority to enter into transactions on behalf of the firm.

Working moments

To legally reach the US financial market, enjoy the many advantages you will need register a company in the USA и open a current account. Qualified specialists of the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company are ready to help you.

Take advantage of all the benefits of the national market with the lowest tax rate. Many foreign entrepreneurs set up firms in the United States with the aim of optimization of the tax burden and getting an opportunity to work with American corporations.

Call or write, we will prepare and collect the relevant documentation for business registration in the USA (with beneficiaries, non-US residents), with the opening of a current account. We offer an individual approach, affordable rates to open offshore companies with preferential taxation.

The main working priorities of the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company are confidential, reliable and prompt!

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