Merchant account for casino

Any type of selected commercial direction cannot fully function without an account. Of course, companies that operate in the global network and also interact with clients remotely should also have a trading account.

Merchant account is a modern and convenient tool for accepting payments for services / goods offered from around the world. When choosing a trading account it is important to focus on the level of quality and efficiency of operations.

As practice shows, a merchant account is important for the sphere online gambling, as well as numerous other games that exist on the Internet. If your business is related to casinos and Internet entertainment (betting, lotteries, online clubs, and so on), then the choice of a trading account should be done with great care.

The E-COMMERCE BROKER company offers opening a merchant account for a casino on favorable terms of partnership. Experienced specialists of our company carry out the process registration of trading accounts for the industry gambling, taking into account the existing nuances of this business specifics.

Of the main advantages of E-COMMERCE BROKER, it is worth noting the fruitful work with reliable acquiring banks, professional provision of a range of specialized services, ranging from registration of offshore companies and ending with the licensing of commercial areas of various risks.

To get a merchant account for a casino, you need to complete several important steps:

  • creation of a gambling corporation;

  • development website-resource online casino;

  • opening a current account in a banking institution on favorable terms;

  • filing an application with a financial processing organization;

  • receipt merchant account for the casino.

At the preliminary working stage, the experts of our company collect a large package of the requested documentation. Experienced employees are well versed in all the intricacies of the legislation of the chosen jurisdiction.

To open and run a business remotely, it is also important to pay attention to the choice of an offshore country. As practice shows, the registration of a gambling company, for example, in the Seychelles will cause many unnecessary questions from representatives of local banking institutions.

If you get merchant account for casino in Malta and other jurisdictions, then in return you will have many opportunities for prospective business development, including easy interaction with banks from different countries.

Merchant account for a high-risk company

Gambling business belongs to the group of risky financial transactions, which is the reason for the presence of higher lending rates / commission fees for transactions.

Cooperating with our company, experts will advise how best to proceed in order to legally avoid excessive overpayments, and what rules are best to follow when running a gambling business.

Many developments and great practical experience completely exclude the possibility of any errors in the collection and preparation of the necessary documentation package for opening a merchant account for a casino.

Professionally and competently prepared documents are reflected in the further profitability / cost of the implemented business process. You wish open a merchant account for gambling? Contact us, we will definitely help!


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