Obtaining a cryptocurrency license in the UAE

For a successful business, it has recently been unreasonable to limit the scope of the company's activities only to the domestic market. Most successful entrepreneurs expand their areas of influence to provide guarantees of safety, increase capital, optimize costs and develop relations at the international level.

It is for this reason to expand activities or opening a startup it is optimal to choose offshore companies where special conditions for doing business of foreign organizations apply. In such countries, there is loyal legislation for non-resident entrepreneurs.

United Arab Emirates is a supporter of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies

A blockchain strategy was launched in the UAE in 2018, the key goal of which is to carefully process 50% of local government transactions on a modern platform within 3 years.

Since the direction of cryptocurrencies is new, but gaining active popularity, due to the presence of a lot of advantages, in some countries at the moment there is no single legal framework regarding the regulation of cryptocurrency.

Some states are making a lot of efforts to fully comply with the conditions of an intensively changing blockchain industry, developing a regulatory framework for digital currency. Other countries are trying to create legal documentation according to which the cryptocurrency would be subject to strict control by the government of the respective region.

If you decide to master the international market, become an active participant in the field of electronic money and get a crypto license in the UAE, then we suggest contacting the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company. Experienced high-class specialists will competently conduct consultations, answer all questions and help with solving the assigned tasks.

Obtaining a crypto license in the UAE

One of the main activities of "E-COMMERCE BROKER" is comprehensive support cryptocurrency projects. Our experts develop effective strategies based on the specifics of the activity, the chosen jurisdiction and the applicable legal regulations.

A team of specialized specialists works with professionals in the blockchain industry, as well as novice businessmen who want to successfully develop a newly created startup and obtain a crypto license in the UAE.

Benefit from the qualified support of our employees, and with complete confidence change the industry by implementing modern solutions into existing and future business processes.

The blockchain strategy of the United Arab Emirates provides for the following key elements:

  1. Development and implementation of the industry - the creation of a system that facilitates the organization of new business areas using technologies from completely different areas (finance, sports, healthcare, energy, tourism and much more).
  2. The effectiveness of the measures introduced by the local authorities - all actions are aimed at increasing the efficiency indicator by maintaining a paperless digital layer (registration of licenses, payment of bills, and so on).
  3. Leadership at the international level - increasing the safety of guests from other countries is due to the launch and operation of the blockchain platform.

Contact us, we will advise, perform the required analysis of certain data, select a profitable jurisdiction that fully corresponds to your business project.

To achieve maximum results, we support blockchain areas. The company "E-COMMERCE BROKER" is a frequent participant in conferences in order to improve the qualifications of each of the experts.


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