Obtaining a financial license in Latvia

For business representatives related to financial services, Latvia provides the opportunity to legally launch a company for the provision of monetary services, including the emission of electronic money.

This became possible after the country adopted the 2009 EU Directive. Obtaining a financial license in Latvia depends on what specific activity the businessman is going to be engaged in.

Features of financial licensing in Latvia

The issue of licensing of Latvian financial companies is regulated by the Payment Services Law. As follows from legislative norms, any participant in the release of electronic money acts as a financial link in the country's economy, which implies a licensing obligation.

Since Latvia has agreed with this provision, when opening a company, the founder will have to agree on the issuance of a permit certificate. The recipient of a financial license will be able to:

  • accept cash and credit money to the accounts of the payment system;
  • transfer virtual currency in the amount corresponding to the deposited funds;
  • conduct direct, credit payments, transactions through debit products, terminals, and other regular transfers;
  • execution of payment orders using credit funds;
  • emission of financial assets;
  • customer service without using personal details.

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If the company does not intend to exceed the monthly limit of 0,5 million euros, or the total issue for the year does not exceed 2 million euros, the opening of a business takes place according to a simplified procedure - you can start working immediately after registering the company, or apply for a small license.

Requirements for the company and documents

The state agency FKTK is responsible for licensing the activities of organizations involved in the payment process. The Financial Market Commission, based on the current legislation, decides who should be allowed to carry out financial activities in the territory of Latvia, and who should take measures to maintain a stable position. Business requirements:

  1. If you are to receive a small certificate that does not have a minimum threshold for the authorized capital, then you must provide data on all members of the board. Together with the application, a business plan is submitted, which confirms the financial condition of the documentation and other accompanying documents.
  2. If the business is planning to run in a large money turnover, the company must have an authorized capital of 350 thousand euros and more, among the board members at least 1 must be a resident, or have legal grounds for working in the territory of Latvia. The entire management team must have a past experience in financial management, including e-service.
  3. The founder must have a diploma in economic specialization, as well as 3 years of work experience.
  4. Board members cannot be tried or run other forms of business.

Special attention should be paid to all of the above requirements when preparing to apply for a license in order to successfully license a company.

Term, for how many EMI licenses are issued in Latvia, usually does not exceed 5 months, of which it takes about a month to prepare the documentation. The waiting period for FKTK's decision is 1-3 months.

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