Obtaining a financial license in Malta

For non-resident businessmen, Maltese law has created the most favorable conditions for starting a business. Obtaining a financial license in Malta necessary if the activity of the new company involves the provision of financial services, including electronic services.

The activities of foreign entrepreneurs in Malta are regulated by the regulation established by the MFSA and the EU Directive 2000/46 / EC. Employees of the Company "E-COMMERCE BROKER" will help you understand the specifics of licensing and get a financial license within the time frame established by law.

Features of licensing in Malta

The main regulator in the country is the Malta Financial Services Authority, or MFSA for short. This body is responsible for overseeing and issuing licenses, as well as regulating the activities of financial institutions, electronic money and companies related to financial activities in the territory of Malta.

The MFSA pays special attention to licensing and control of the investment and insurance sector. With a financial license, a Maltese business representative can:

  • issue electronic funds;
  • provide payment services as part of legal transactions;
  • perform operational service and related electronic issue and payment transactions;
  • lend as part of payment transactions;
  • conduct other activities permitted by law;
  • ensure the operation of the payment system.

Before starting any business in Malta and abroad, before registering a company related to financial services and issuing electronic funds, it is necessary to coordinate the work with the licensing authority MFSA. The appeal to the regulator is made out on special forms, subject to the requirements established by the MFSA.

What do you need to get a financial license in Malta?

Before starting active activities in the financial market, before obtaining a license for certain types of activities, it is necessary to open an organization by registering it in accordance with the Maltese legal requirements:

  1. The authorized capital of 125 thousand euros.
  2. If the regulator sees increased risks, the amount of the authorized capital may be increased.
  3. There are 2 executive directors and 1 director who must reside in Malta.
  4. For each shareholder and manager, a package of documentation is collected: copies of a passport, bank statements, recommendations. There are no restrictions on the number of owners (shareholders).
  5. The presence of a Maltese office with a landline telephone, Internet and a permanent staff of employees working at the office address.

The business owner himself may not be present at the opening of the company, having delegated his powers to a trusted person. Since each case is considered individually, it is rather difficult to establish in advance the exact amount of capital sufficient for registration.

After registration, the amount of the authorized capital determined by the MFSA must always be in the organization's account and not decrease. There are 2 types of fees for companies whose authorized capital has exceeded 125 thousand euros: a registration fee of 890 euros and an annual fee of 600 euros. When registration is successfully completed, it's time to prepare documents for applying for a license.

Dates of receipt

On the registration of compulsory financial Licenses it takes a Maltese company about 3 months, but if additional verification is required, the period is extended to six months.

The better the documentation package is prepared, the higher the chances of a quick and successful license negotiation. The company "E-COMMERCE BROKER" will provide a full package of services that will help start a business related to financial activities. Within the framework of cooperation, the company's specialists:

  • prepare legal documents;
  • organize communication with representatives of the MFSA;
  • will form the management structure of the created organization.

Malta is a country with a modern regulatory framework aimed at stimulating the development of all business areas, including financial services and e-commerce. This lays the foundation for the future success of new companies engaged in healthy competition and eliminates double taxation.


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