Obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Estonia

The key task of the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company is to provide professional assistance to your business direction, in order to maximize the potential and opportunities in European countries, in strict compliance with the generally accepted legislative rules of the selected country.

Advantages of obtaining a crypto license in Estonia:

  1. The corporate income tax rate is 0%.
  2. Low tax rate.
  3. The ability to manage the company through e-residence (without the need to come to the Republic of Estonia).
  4. The founder can be a non-resident of Estonia.
  5. The authorized capital must be 12 euros. At the time of the creation of the company, it can be omitted, it is enough to declare it.

Due to its many advantages, most entrepreneurs have chosen Estonia for the successful implementation of cryptocurrency projects. As practice shows, the number of new projects in this area is steadily growing. If you want to receive a license for the exchange of cryptocurrency, contact us, we will be happy to help!

Cryptocurrency license in Estonia

Cryptocurrency exchange license in Estonia allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies and create electronic wallets. Registration of an Estonian crypto company with turnkey licenses is carried out in stages:

  • company registration - a period of 1-5 working days;
  • obtaining license documentation - 1-1,5 months;
  • opening an account allows you to successfully start a business in a European country.

Opening an account for an Estonian crypto company is allowed in banking institutions / payment systems. The total cost depends on the option chosen, and is determined based on an individual request.

Our company maintains fruitful partnerships with various proven payment systems and banks in Europe, focusing on transaction activities with cryptocurrency in the field of blockchain technologies.

Cryptocurrency in Estonia

Get cryptocurrency license in Estonia, it is quite simple, the main thing is to contact trusted specialists. Experts of the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company in their work process comply with the relevant legal norms and acts of the chosen jurisdiction.

The loyal policy of the Estonian government regarding the development of business by foreign partners contributes to the further development and maintenance of the cryptocurrency / blockchain direction.

Our company offers a full range of services for organizing and supporting your business: registration of offshore companies, accounting services, legal support.

A cryptocurrency license in Estonia is a guaranteed successful path to the rapid development of your commercial direction!


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