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Residence permit in Europe

Living in European countries has many advantages. A high standard of living and culture, high social standards, centuries-old history are becoming the desired goal of many citizens.

If you want to settle in Europe, expand your business or visit Schengen countries without a visa, then use the professional support of the E-COMMERCE BROKER Company.

By contacting us, you can get a residence permit in just 3-6 months. Contact us at the specified contacts or use the feedback form. The specialist will provide advice in the next business hour.

Privileges of having a residence permit in Europe

Residence permit allows you to visit the country at any time, buy or sell real estate, educate children in local educational institutions, use medical services, and so on.

Status in EU countries gives the right to stay in other Schengen areas without a visa for up to 90 days within six months. Foreigners with a valid residence permit have the right to:

  • stay in the Schengen countries and the European Union without a visa, but on condition that the status was obtained in the EU countries;
  • freely visit different countries;
  • send children to schools, universities and other educational institutions;
  • optimize taxation;
  • open accounts in various banks;
  • expand business and improve its efficiency;
  • buy, sell or rent real estate;
  • purchase equipment, cars and other property with subsequent registration.

Permanent residence or citizenship is assigned in accordance with the terms of the current legislation of the selected country. There is a separate option to speed up this process. So, wealthy people register the status faster by investing in the country they like.

The status obtained allows you to live in the country for up to 5 years, but it all depends on the existing conditions

Some countries issue a residence permit for 1 or 2 years, this document is also available for renewal. If Residence permit was received by investment program, then there will be preferential conditions in terms of renewal of status. For example, residents of Greece are exempt from this obligation.

Before obtaining a residence permit need to understand the goals obtaining status in Europe. Even the smallest mistake will cause a refusal to assign or renew a document


What does "E-COMMERCE BROKER" offer?

Our company will help you understand all the nuances of the procedure obtaining a residence permit, easily solve all difficulties and avoid pitfalls, extend the current status.

At each stage, you will be accompanied by an expert who will immediately take up the solution of issues, prepare the necessary documents and send them to the relevant state authorities of the selected country. The main advantages of cooperation:

  • detailed study of the situation;
  • drawing up several types of proposals;
  • a wide range of services at affordable prices;
  • professional problem solving;
  • official conduct of activities on transparent terms;
  • accelerated residence permit process due to the presence of foreign partners.

The results of the work of "E-COMMERCE BROKER" experts are displayed in the reviews of regular customers. In our company you will receive professional advice and comprehensive support.

Voice your suggestions, and we will analyze them and, if necessary, make the appropriate changes. We can also work on extending the term of an existing residence permit status in Europe.

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